The first step for the preparation of the cigar case is initiated in the section of cut, where with a press also called a machine of punching the different parts in which the case is made.

Seccion de corte

The next step once cut the pieces are passed through the machine of dividing and recess of the leather, are machines that are used to give the appropriate thickness and thus get a smoothness in the edges for the result is appropriate.

maquina de rebaje

Once lowered the different parts of the case are taken to the section of filling or assembly of the pieces that is based on giving the so-called queue to the water where qualified personnel joins the different parts of the case, leaving the product ready to move to the molding section

seccion de empastado
seccion ensamblaje

In the following process is the most important in the production of our products where our skilled craftsmen who still continue using the same methods and techniques of their ancestors give shape to the leather with their own hands.
First the artisan introduces the already assembled leather into water. This is done to soften the leather and to be able to work because all this process is done by hand and the skin has to be sufficiently soft, that is why it is essential to use leather 100% Vegetable, because it is the only leather that allows us to mold it without being deformed.

introduccion en agua
introduccion en agua 2

Once the leather is soft enough the artisan introduces the case in a matrix made to measure and begins to give the form with different tools all these made of frezno wood is a complex and slow process but is the only way to get a product Of totally handmade quality.

darle forma

darle forma 2

Already with the molded product the cases are hung in so-called dryers so that the leather expels all the moisture before the process of finishing and polishing.


When the case is sufficiently dry it is reintroduced into the matrix to give it the shine that was lost in the wet as well as to realize the different adornments of the edges.


Already to finish the elaboration of molding of the case these go to the section of painted of the edges where the craftsman makes its corresponding painted and lujado and to give a perfect finish.


The last step is called quality control here the appropriate staff reviews the article that it is in perfect conditions for packaging so that our customers are totally satisfied with the item they will receive, our company takes care of with the least detail, always keeping in all our products An unbeatable quality.

control de calidad

Below you can see some videos illustrating this process: