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Our company

JOFER, is a company with more than 30 years in the leather sector, dedicating itself to the elaboration of leather products, with the specialty in the manufacture of products that have been brought to life, keeping alive the tradition that has given fame to the craftsmanship of the work of The skin in Ubrique.

From the maintenance of this good work done by our artisans, who continue to use the same technique of their ancestors, the excellent quality of our articles testifies. The skins that are used for the making of these products are of first quality; In addition, the tanning of the same is vegetal, without chemical components, which allows to obtain a totally natural and ecological skin. With this mode of tanning, which dispenses with any coating, the original properties of the skin are respected: the uniformity in the tone is not kept and the color consonance is maintained.

JOFER specializes in a range of products for the smoker of high social esteem: pureras. It is an article considered 'of dress', because it endows the wearer with a small sign of distinction.

We have a wide sample of models of pureras:

  •     In vaquetilla, goat and cowboy.
  •     In classical and rustic modalities.
  •     In different sizes.

We also make hand crafted cigarette cases and various accessories for the good smoker.