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The owner of this website is José Mateo Rosado, with CIF 75853230N and registered address at Avenida Juan de la Rosa 41 B, 11600, UBRIQUE (CÁDIZ). The e-mail address of contact with the company is:


The navigation, access and use by the website of JOFERCB confers the condition of user, which accepts, from navigation through the website of JOFERCB, all the conditions of use established herein without prejudice to the application of the corresponding regulations Of compulsory legal compliance as the case may be.

The JOFERCB website provides a wealth of information, services and data. The user assumes his responsibility in the correct use of the website. This responsibility shall extend to:

The veracity and legality of the information provided by the user in the forms extended by JOFERCB for access to certain contents or services offered by the web.
The use of the information, services and data offered by JOFERCB contrary to the provisions of the present conditions, the Law, the morality, the good customs or the public order, or that in any other way may imply damage of the rights of third parties or Of the same operation of the website.


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A Cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain web pages. Cookies allow a website, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or his or her computer and, depending on the information contained in it and the way in which they use their equipment, can be used to recognize to user.

Cookies are essential for the operation of the internet, providing innumerable advantages in the provision of interactive services, facilitating the navigation and usability of our website

The information we provide below will help you understand the different types of cookies:



Own cookies

Are those that are collected by the publisher to provide the service requested by the user.

Third Party Cookies

These are those that are collected and managed by a third party, these can not be considered own.


Session Cookies

They collect data while the user navigates the network in order to provide the requested service.

Persistent Cookies

They are stored in the terminal and the information obtained will be used by the person responsible for the cookie in order to provide the requested service.


Technical Cookies

They are the necessary ones for the correct navigation by the Web.

Personalization Cookies

They allow the user the characteristics (language) for browsing the website

Analysis Cookies

They allow the provider the analysis linked to the navigation made by the user, with the purpose of tracking the use of the website as well as statistics of the most visited content, number of visitors, etc.

Advertising Cookies

They allow the publisher to include advertising space on the web, according to the content of the website itself.

Behavioral Advertising Cookies

They allow the publisher to include advertising space on the website according to the information obtained through the user's browsing habits.

According to the provisions of article 22.2 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), JOFERCB informs of the cookies used in our website:

- Cookies generated by our content manager:

JOFERCB uses a special content manager for the electronic commerce that generates an encrypted cookie formed by an alphanumeric key that serves to store all the other cookies necessary for the information of the session, for the visitors, clients and employees administrators. The purpose of these cookies is to visit or purchase the products. They are cookies classified as own, technical and personalization, persistent that expire in 20 days.

We also use another cookie called cookie_ue. This cookie is a personalization, persistent cookie that keeps for 12 months the acceptance by the user of the use of cookies on our site.

- External social network cookies:

They are used so that the visitors can interact with the content of different social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and that are generated only for the users of these social networks.

The conditions of use of these cookies and the information collected is regulated by the privacy policy of the corresponding social platform.

Normally, cookies from social networks are already installed when the user accesses our site, either by visiting other pages with cookies from plugins or by logging in to social networks.

The only social network cookie that is installed when accessing our domain, if even the user does not have it on your device are:

- Twitter guest_id Cookie: Coming from the Tweet button to share content on the web that serves as a unique Twitter connection number, it is a third-party cookie, owned by persistent with a duration of 24 months.

- Google NID Cookies - A unique identifier used by Google applications to store information about user preferences. It is a third party cookie, owned by, persistent with a duration of 6 months.

The other cookies of social networks are only installed from the plugins located in our page when the user voluntarily clicks on the links of the same ones, which opens a popup for the page of the network.

- Cookies generated by Google services:

In the event that the user accesses our website through google Shopping ads, the conversions will be tracked through a cookie installed by Google services. The user already enters our website with this cookie installed from the Google page and we only use it to know the number of conversions that resulted from the ads in google shopping.

This cookie is called Conversion, it is of the type of analysis, of third, with title of and persistent with duration of 30 days.

The terms of use of this cookie are contained in Google's privacy policy:

JOFERCB uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service developed by Google, that allows the measurement and analysis of navigation on web pages.

Through the web analytics does not obtain information on the personal data of the Users, guaranteeing the protection of their privacy.

The information obtained is related to the number of users accessing the web, number of page views, frequency and repetition of visits, duration, browser used, operator providing the service, language, Terminal you use, or the city to which your IP address is assigned. Information that makes possible a better and more appropriate service by this website.

It is through these statistics that we can analyze and improve our services.

These are your own and third party cookies, session and analysis. They are:








Expires at the end of the session


Google Analytics Stats. It allows to identify if the user is unique for statistical purposes.



Expires after 30 minutes


It allows to identify if the user is unique for statistical purposes.



Expires after six six months


It identifies how the user has arrived at the website.



Expires at 24 months


It allows to identify the browser used by the user.

You can get more information about the Google Analytics privacy policy at this link:

Likewise, JOFERCB informs the user that it has the possibility to configure its browser so that it is informed of the reception of cookies, being able, if it so wishes, to prevent them from being installed on its hard disk.

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