How I do should understand that they have taken the measures of the case?

The measures are always of inside as the height as the diameter


If the cigar that I want to introduce is a little higher and thicker than the measures provided, could I put it in the case?

Our cases only allow to introduce cigars up to half a centimeter higher but never thicker , than the measures provided in the product sheet.


Could I personalize the articles with the logo of my company? And if so, what would be the minimum quantities?

Yes, you could personalize the articles with your company logo, and the minimum quantities of orders, whether personalized or not, are "100 units" can be combined with 25 units per color and reference until reaching those units mentioned. ( 100 )


If my company uses a leather line in all our products could this leather be used for the manufacture of cigar cases? 

Yes, but only if the leather they want to use is 100% vegetable tanning, never we can manufacture cigar cases in other leather, that is not vegetable tanning leather.


If in the case of placing an order I will not be happy with the item, could you return it?

Our website has a return policy that you can visualize, and in which you can get information on this question.